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A New Perspective on "How Graph Neural Networks Go Beyond Weisfeiler-Lehman?"

Asiri Wijesinghe · Qing Wang

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We propose a new perspective on designing powerful Graph Neural Networks (GNNs). In a nutshell, this enables a general solution to inject structural properties of graphs into a message-passing aggregation scheme of GNNs. As a theoretical basis, we develop a new hierarchy of local isomorphism on neighborhood subgraphs. Then, we theoretically characterize how message-passing GNNs can be designed to be more expressive than the Weisfeiler Lehman test. To elaborate this characterization, we propose a novel neural model, called GraphSNN, and prove that this model is strictly more expressive than the Weisfeiler Lehman test in distinguishing graph structures. We empirically verify the strength of our model on different graph learning tasks. It is shown that our model consistently improves the state-of-the-art methods on the benchmark tasks without sacrificing computational simplicity and efficiency.

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