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Coherence-based Label Propagation over Time Series for Accelerated Active Learning

Yooju Shin · Susik Yoon · Sundong Kim · Hwanjun Song · Jae-Gil Lee · Byung Suk Lee

Keywords: [ active learning ] [ time series ]


Time-series data are ubiquitous these days, but lack of the labels in time-series data is regarded as a hurdle for its broad applicability. Meanwhile, active learning has been successfully adopted to reduce the labeling efforts in various tasks. Thus, this paper addresses an important issue, time-series active learning. Inspired by the temporal coherence in time-series data, where consecutive data points tend to have the same label, our label propagation framework, called TCLP, automatically assigns a queried label to the data points within an accurately estimated time-series segment, thereby significantly boosting the impact of an individual query. Compared with traditional time-series active learning, TCLP is shown to improve the classification accuracy by up to 7.1 times when only 0.8% of data points in the entire time series are queried for their labels.

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