Neural Variational Dropout Processes

Insu Jeon · Youngjin Park · Gunhee Kim


Keywords: [ few-shot learning ] [ meta learning ] [ bayesian neural networks ]

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Tue 26 Apr 2:30 a.m. PDT — 4:30 a.m. PDT


Learning to infer the conditional posterior model is a key step for robust meta-learning. This paper presents a new Bayesian meta-learning approach called Neural Variational Dropout Processes (NVDPs). NVDPs model the conditional posterior distribution based on a task-specific dropout; a low-rank product of Bernoulli experts meta-model is utilized for a memory-efficient mapping of dropout rates from a few observed contexts. It allows for a quick reconfiguration of a globally learned and shared neural network for new tasks in multi-task few-shot learning. In addition, NVDPs utilize a novel prior conditioned on the whole task data to optimize the conditional dropout posterior in the amortized variational inference. Surprisingly, this enables the robust approximation of task-specific dropout rates that can deal with a wide range of functional ambiguities and uncertainties. We compared the proposed method with other meta-learning approaches in the few-shot learning tasks such as 1D stochastic regression, image inpainting, and classification. The results show the excellent performance of NVDPs.

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