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Optimization inspired Multi-Branch Equilibrium Models

Mingjie Li · Yisen Wang · Xingyu Xie · Zhouchen Lin


Works have shown the strong connections between some implicit models and optimization problems. However, explorations on such relationships are limited. Most works pay attention to some common mathematical properties, such as sparsity. In this work, we propose a new type of implicit model inspired by the designing of the systems' hidden objective functions, called the Multi-branch Optimization induced Equilibrium networks~(MOptEqs). The model architecture is designed based on modelling the hidden objective function for the multi-resolution recognition task. Furthermore, we also propose a new training strategy inspired by our understandings of the hidden objective function. In this manner, the proposed model can better utilize the hierarchical patterns for recognition tasks and retain the abilities for interpreting the whole structure as trying to obtain the minima of the problem's goal. Comparing with the state-of-the-art models, our MOptEqs not only enjoys better explainability but are also superior to MDEQ with less parameter consumption and better performance on practical tasks. Furthermore, we also implement various experiments to demonstrate the effectiveness of our new methods and explore the applicability of the model's hidden objective function.

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