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Khang Truong Giang · Soohwan Song · Sungho Jo


Keywords: [ 3D Reconstruction ]


Multi-view stereo (MVS) is a crucial task for precise 3D reconstruction. Most recent studies tried to improve the performance of matching cost volume in MVS by introducing a skilled design to cost formulation or cost regularization. In this paper, we focus on learning robust feature extraction to enhance the performance of matching costs, without need of heavy computation in the other steps. In particular, we present a dynamic scale feature extraction network, namely, CDSFNet. It is composed of multiple novel convolution layers, each of which can select a proper patch scale for each pixel guided by the normal curvature of image surface. As a result, CDFSNet can estimate the optimal patch scales to learn discriminative features for accurate matching computation between reference and source images. By combining the robust extracted features with an appropriate cost formulation strategy, our final MVS architecture can estimate depth maps more precisely. Extensive experiments showed that the proposed method outperforms other state-of-the-art methods on complex outdoor scenes. It significantly improves the completeness of reconstructed models. Moreover, the method can process the high resolution with faster run-time and lower memory compared to the other MVS methods.

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