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Continual Learning with Recursive Gradient Optimization

Hao Liu · Huaping Liu

Keywords: [ lifelong learning ] [ continual learning ]


Learning multiple tasks sequentially without forgetting previous knowledge, called Continual Learning(CL), remains a long-standing challenge for neural networks. Most existing methods rely on additional network capacity or data replay. In contrast, we introduce a novel approach which we refer to as Recursive Gradient Optimization(RGO). RGO is composed of an iteratively updated optimizer that modifies the gradient to minimize forgetting without data replay and a virtual Feature Encoding Layer(FEL) that represents different long-term structures with only task descriptors. Experiments demonstrate that RGO has significantly better performance on popular continual classification benchmarks when compared to the baselines and achieves new state-of-the-art performance on 20-split-CIFAR100(82.22%) and 20-split-miniImageNet(72.63%). With higher average accuracy than Single-Task Learning(STL), this method is flexible and reliable to provide continual learning capabilities for learning models that rely on gradient descent.

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