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InfinityGAN: Towards Infinite-Pixel Image Synthesis

Chieh Hubert Lin · Hsin-Ying Lee · Yen-Chi Cheng · Sergey Tulyakov · Ming-Hsuan Yang

Keywords: [ generative modeling ] [ image synthesis ] [ generative adversarial networks ] [ gans ]


We present InfinityGAN, a method to generate arbitrary-sized images. The problem is associated with several key challenges. First, scaling existing models to an arbitrarily large image size is resource-constrained, both in terms of computation and availability of large-field-of-view training data. InfinityGAN trains and infers patch-by-patch seamlessly with low computational resources. Second, large images should be locally and globally consistent, avoid repetitive patterns, and look realistic. To address these, InfinityGAN takes global appearance, local structure and texture into account. With this formulation, we can generate images with spatial size and level of detail not attainable before. Experimental evaluation supports that InfinityGAN generates images with superior global structure compared to baselines and features parallelizable inference. Finally, we show several applications unlocked by our approach, such as fusing styles spatially, multi-modal outpainting and image inbetweening at arbitrary input and output sizes.

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