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TPU-GAN: Learning temporal coherence from dynamic point cloud sequences

Zijie Li · Tianqin Li · Amir Barati Farimani

Keywords: [ generative adversarial networks ]


Point cloud sequence is an important data representation that provides flexible shape and motion information. Prior work demonstrates that incorporating scene flow information into loss can make model learn temporally coherent feature spaces. However, it is prohibitively expensive to acquire point correspondence information across frames in real-world environments. In this work, we propose a super-resolution generative adversarial network (GAN) for upsampling dynamic point cloud sequences, which does not require point correspondence annotation. Our model, Temporal Point cloud Upsampling GAN (TPU-GAN), can implicitly learn the underlying temporal coherence from point cloud sequence, which in turn guides the generator to produce temporally coherent output. In addition, we propose a learnable masking module to adapt upsampling ratio according to the point distribution. We conduct extensive experiments on point cloud sequences from two different domains: particles in the fluid dynamical system and human action scanned data. The quantitative and qualitative evaluation demonstrates the effectiveness of our method on upsampling tasks as well as learning temporal coherence from irregular point cloud sequences.

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