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NASPY: Automated Extraction of Automated Machine Learning Models

Xiaoxuan Lou · Shangwei Guo · Jiwei Li · Yaoxin Wu · Tianwei Zhang


We present NASPY, an end-to-end adversarial framework to extract the networkarchitecture of deep learning models from Neural Architecture Search (NAS). Existing works about model extraction attacks mainly focus on conventional DNN models with very simple operations, or require heavy manual analysis with lots of domain knowledge. In contrast, NASPY introduces seq2seq models to automatically identify novel and complicated operations (e.g., separable convolution,dilated convolution) from hardware side-channel sequences. We design two models (RNN-CTC and transformer), which can achieve only 3.2% and 11.3% error rates for operation prediction. We further present methods to recover the model hyper-parameters and topology from the operation sequence . With these techniques, NASPY is able to extract the complete NAS model architecture with high fidelity and automation, which are rarely analyzed before.

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