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The 5th ML in Korea

Sanghyuk Chun · Tae-Hyun Oh


"We invite everyone who is part of or interested in the ML research community in Korea. Participants introduce their own ML research presented in ICLR 2022. They also casually introduce papers that are found interesting among those presented in ICLR 2022 and other venues, and discuss those with other participants. Other potential discussion topics include (but are not limited to): Korean NLP, computer vision and datasets, ML for the post-COVID19 era, and career chances in both academia and industry in Korea. We welcome everyone from anywhere in the world. Note that we have had the same social events in ICLR 2020, 2021, NeurIPS 2020, and 2021 with active participation of more than 100 people.

Our social program is 3 hours long, including a 30 min keynote speech by Yejin Choi (Univ. of Washington), two 1 hour sessions with three tracks: industry tech. share, career mentoring for industrial research labs, and research discussions. As before, we will gather remotely through GatherTown.

We have 9 organizers from 3 different academy institutes (Tae-Hyun Oh , Gunhee Kim , and Seunghoon Hong ) and 6 industry corp. (Sanghyuk Chun , Woohyung Lim , Soonmin Bae , Saehoon Kim , Sungjoo Ha , and Junho Yim ). "

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