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Lightning Talk
Workshop: Machine Learning for IoT: Datasets, Perception, and Understanding

Centaur: Federated Learning for Constrained Edge Devices

Fan Mo · Mohammad Malekzadeh · Soumyajit Chatterjee · Fahim Kawsar · Akhil Mathur


Federated learning (FL) facilitates new applications at the edge, especially for wearable and Internet-of-Thing devices. Such devices capture a large and diverse amount of data, but they have memory, compute, power, and connectivity constraints which hinder their participation in FL. We propose Centaur, a multitier FL framework, enabling ultra-constrained devices to efficiently participate in FL on large neural nets. Centaur combines two major ideas: (i) a "data selection" scheme to choose a portion of samples that accelerates the learning, and (ii) a "partition-based training" algorithm that integrates both constrained and powerful devices owned by the same user. Evaluations, on four benchmark neural nets and three datasets, show that Centaur gains ~10% higher accuracy than local training on constrained devices with ~58% energy saving on average. Our experimental results also demonstrate the superior efficiency of Centaur when dealing with imbalanced data, client participation heterogeneity, and various network connection probabilities.

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