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Lightning Talk
Workshop: Machine Learning for IoT: Datasets, Perception, and Understanding

AnomalyBERT: Self-Supervised Transformer for Time Series Anomaly Detection using Data Degradation Scheme

Yungi Jeong · Eunseok Yang · Jung Hyun Ryu · Imseong Park · Myungjoo Kang


Mechanical defects in real situations affect observation values and cause abnormalities in multivariate time series, such as sensor values or network data. To perceive abnormalities in such data, it is crucial to understand the temporal context and interrelation between variables simultaneously. The anomaly detection task for time series, especially for unlabeled data, has been a challenging problem, and we address it by applying a suitable data degradation scheme to self-supervised model training. We define four types of synthetic outliers and propose the degradation scheme in which a portion of input data is replaced with one of the synthetic outliers. Inspired by the self-attention mechanism, we design a Transformer-based architecture to recognize the temporal context and detect unnatural sequences with high efficiency. Our model converts multivariate data points into temporal representations with relative position bias and yields anomaly scores from these representations. Our method, AnomalyBERT, shows a great capability of detecting anomalies contained in complex time series and surpasses previous state-of-the-art methods on five real-world benchmarks. Our code is available at

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