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Lightning Talk
Workshop: Machine Learning for IoT: Datasets, Perception, and Understanding

Multi-Knowledge Fusion Network For Time Series Representation Learning

Sagar Srinivas Sakhinana · Shivam Gupta · Sudhir Aripirala · Rajat sarkar · Venkataramana Runkana


Forecasting complex dynamical systems such as interconnected sensor networks characterized by high-dimensional multivariate time series(MTS) is of paramount importance for making informed decisions and planning for the future in a broad spectrum of applications. Graph forecasting networks(GFNs) are well-suited for forecasting MTS data that exhibit spatio-temporal dependencies. However, most prior works of GFN-based methods on MTS forecasting rely on domain-expertise knowledge to model the nonlinear dynamics of the system. But neglect the potential to leverage the inherent relational-structural dependencies among time series variables underlying MTS data. Meanwhile, contemporary works attempt to infer the relational structure of the complex dependencies between the variables and simultaneously learn the nonlinear dynamics of the interconnected system but neglect the possibility of incorporating domain-specific prior knowledge to improve forecast accuracy. To this end, we propose a novel hybrid architecture that combines explicit prior knowledge with implicit knowledge of the relational structure within the MTS data. It jointly learns intra-series temporal dependencies and inter-series spatial dependencies by encoding time-conditioned structural spatiotemporal inductive biases to provide more accurate and reliable forecasts. It also models the time-varying uncertainty of the multi-horizon forecasts to support decision-making by providing estimates of predictive uncertainty. The proposed architecture has shown promising results on multiple benchmark datasets and out-performs state-of-the-art forecasting methods by a significant margin. We report and discuss the ablation studies to validate our forecasting architecture.

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