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In-Person Poster presentation / poster accept

Integrating Symmetry into Differentiable Planning with Steerable Convolutions

Linfeng Zhao · Xupeng Zhu · LINGZHI KONG · Robin Walters · Lawson Wong

MH1-2-3-4 #104

Keywords: [ Reinforcement Learning ]


To achieve this, we draw inspiration from equivariant convolution networks and model the path planning problem as a set of signals over grids. We demonstrate that value iteration can be treated as a linear equivariant operator, which is effectively a steerable convolution. Building upon Value Iteration Networks (VIN), we propose a new Symmetric Planning (SymPlan) framework that incorporates rotation and reflection symmetry using steerable convolution networks. We evaluate our approach on four tasks: 2D navigation, visual navigation, 2 degrees of freedom (2-DOF) configuration space manipulation, and 2-DOF workspace manipulation. Our experimental results show that our symmetric planning algorithms significantly improve training efficiency and generalization performance compared to non-equivariant baselines, including VINs and GPPN.

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