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In-Person Poster presentation / poster accept

Learning to Extrapolate: A Transductive Approach

Aviv Netanyahu · Abhishek Gupta · Max Simchowitz · Kaiqing Zhang · Pulkit Agrawal

MH1-2-3-4 #65

Keywords: [ Deep Learning and representational learning ]


Machine learning systems, especially with overparameterized deep neural networks, can generalize to novel test instances drawn from the same distribution as the training data. However, they fare poorly when evaluated on out-of-support test points. In this work, we tackle the problem of developing machine learning systems that retain the power of overparameterized function approximators while enabling extrapolation to out-of-support test points when possible. This is accomplished by noting that under certain conditions, a "transductive" reparameterization can convert an out-of-support extrapolation problem into a problem of within-support combinatorial generalization. We propose a simple strategy based on bilinear embeddings to enable this type of combinatorial generalization, thereby addressing the out-of-support extrapolation problem under certain conditions. We instantiate a simple, practical algorithm applicable to various supervised learning and imitation learning tasks.

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