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Virtual presentation / top 25% paper

DiffEdit: Diffusion-based semantic image editing with mask guidance

Guillaume Couairon · Jakob Verbeek · Holger Schwenk · MATTHIEU CORD

Keywords: [ Image Editing ] [ Diffusion Models ] [ computer vision ] [ Generative models ]


Image generation has recently seen tremendous advances, with diffusion models allowing to synthesize convincing images for a large variety of text prompts. In this article, we propose DiffEdit, a method to take advantage of text-conditioned diffusion models for the task of semantic image editing, where the goal is to edit an image based on a text query. Semantic image editing is an extension of image generation, with the additional constraint that the generated image should be as similar as possible to a given input image. Current editing methods based on diffusion models usually require to provide a mask, making the task much easier by treating it as a conditional inpainting task. In contrast, our main contribution is able to automatically generate a mask highlighting regions of the input image that need to be edited, by contrasting predictions of a diffusion model conditioned on different text prompts. Moreover, we rely on latent inference to preserve content in those regions of interest and show excellent synergies with mask-based diffusion. DiffEdit achieves state-of-the-art editing performance on ImageNet. In addition, we evaluate semantic image editing in more challenging settings, using images from the COCO dataset as well as text-based generated images.

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