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Tue 2:30 Visual Representation Learning over Latent Domains
Lucas Deecke · Timothy Hospedales · Hakan Bilen
Wed 10:30 Constructing a Good Behavior Basis for Transfer using Generalized Policy Updates
Safa Alver · Doina Precup
Tue 2:30 Rethinking Supervised Pre-Training for Better Downstream Transferring
Yutong Feng · Jianwen Jiang · Mingqian Tang · Rong Jin · Yue Gao
Fri 3:45 Spotlight Talk 1 :Analysing the effects of transfer learning on low-resourced named entity recognition performance
Thu 18:30 Do deep networks transfer invariances across classes?
Allan Zhou · Fahim Tajwar · Alexander Robey · Tom Knowles · George Pappas · Hamed Hassani · Chelsea Finn
Don't Freeze Your Embedding: Lessons from Policy Finetuning in Environment Transfer
Victoria Dean · Daniel Toyama · Doina Precup · Victoria Dean
Thu 10:30 Towards a Unified View of Parameter-Efficient Transfer Learning
Junxian He · Chunting Zhou · Xuezhe Ma · Taylor Berg-Kirkpatrick · Graham Neubig
Mon 2:30 Source-Free Adaptation to Measurement Shift via Bottom-Up Feature Restoration
Cian Eastwood · Ian Mason · Chris Williams · Bernhard Schoelkopf
Thu 18:30 Understanding Domain Randomization for Sim-to-real Transfer
Xiaoyu Chen · Jiachen Hu · Chi Jin · Lihong Li · Liwei Wang
Thu 18:30 Transferable Adversarial Attack based on Integrated Gradients
Yi Huang · Adams Kong
Thu 2:30 Distilling GANs with Style-Mixed Triplets for X2I Translation with Limited Data
Yaxing Wang · Joost van de Weijer · Lu Yu · SHANGLING JUI
Learning Transferable Policies By Inferring Agent Morphology
Brandon Trabucco · mariano Phielipp · Glen Berseth