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In-Person Oral presentation / top 5% paper

DaxBench: Benchmarking Deformable Object Manipulation with Differentiable Physics

Siwei Chen · Yiqing Xu · Cunjun Yu · Linfeng Li · Xiao Ma · Zhongwen Xu · David Hsu



Deformable object manipulation (DOM) is a long-standing challenge in robotics and has attracted significant interest recently. This paper presents DaXBench, a differentiable simulation framework for DOM. While existing work often focuses on a specific type of deformable objects, DaXBench supports fluid, rope, cloth ...; it provides a general-purpose benchmark to evaluate widely different DOM methods, including planning, imitation learning, and reinforcement learning. DaXBench combines recent advances in deformable object simulation with JAX, a high-performance computational framework. All DOM tasks in DaXBench are wrapped with the OpenAI Gym API for easy integration with DOM algorithms. We hope that DaXBench provides to the research community a comprehensive, standardized benchmark and a valuable tool to support the development and evaluation of new DOM methods. The code and video are available online.

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