In-Person Poster presentation / poster accept

Red PANDA: Disambiguating Image Anomaly Detection by Removing Nuisance Factors

Niv Cohen · Jonathan Kahana · Yedid Hoshen

MH1-2-3-4 #27

Keywords: [ Applications ] [ anomaly detection ] [ disentanglement ]


Anomaly detection methods strive to discover patterns that differ from the norm in a meaningful way. This goal is ambiguous as different human operators may find different attributes meaningful. An image differing from the norm by an attribute such as pose may be considered anomalous by some operators while others may consider the attribute irrelevant. Breaking from previous research, we present a new anomaly detection method that allows operators to exclude an attribute when detecting anomalies. Our approach aims to learn representations which do not contain information regarding such nuisance attributes. Anomaly scoring is performed using a density-based approach. Importantly, our approach does not require specifying the attributes where anomalies could appear, which is typically impossible in anomaly detection, but only attributes to ignore. An empirical investigation is presented verifying the effectiveness of our approach.

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