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ICLR 2019 - Call For Workshop Proposals

May 6-9, New Orleans

  • 2018-10-28 Workshop Application Deadline


This year, we are introducing workshops - informal gatherings of people of similar interests, potentially with keynotes, panels, and debates. Each workshop proposal should specify either a full or half-day schedule, accommodating lunch and/or coffee breaks as appropriate. The exact format of a workshop is up to your choice, we welcome creative formats.  


We are especially interested in organizers proposing novel topics on emerging themes, but will also consider proposals for workshop topics similar to previous years.   Examples of new topics include but are not limited to:

  • Interpretable machine learning, fairness in machine learning, transparency, governance and inclusion
  • Uncertainty in representation learning
  • Cognitive and sensori-motor extensions of human capabilities
  • Machine learning for scientific discovery
  • Machine learning for art and creativity
  • ...

  Examples of previous years’ workshop topics include but are not limited to:

  • Unsupervised, semi-supervised, and supervised representation learning
  • Representation learning for planning and reinforcement learning
  • Metric learning and kernel learning
  • Sparse coding and dimensionality expansion
  • Hierarchical models
  • Optimization for representation learning
  • Learning representations of outputs or states
  • Implementation issues, parallelization, software platforms, hardware
  • Applications in vision, audio, speech, natural language processing, robotics, neuroscience, or any other field


In your proposal, please specify:

  1. Why this topic is important for the ICLR community
  2. Organizers, and their relevant experience and expertise
  3. Number of predicted attendance size (a rough prediction)
  4. A tentative full- or half-day schedule (with keynote speakers’ names)

Beyond the above, please note that each proposal will also be evaluated based on the diversity of the organizers and presenters (e.g. invited speakers, contributed speakers, poster presenters, panelists, etc.). We encourage you to submit a plan for ensuring the latter.  


Workshop proposals should be submitted through this site: »    

Time left to submit: Date not found: WorkshopApplicationDeadline


We also invite organizers to optionally write a commentary (2 pages) which will be posted to the ICLR website. The contents may include but not limited to 1. summary of the discussions at the workshop 2. organizers thoughts on what she/he wish to have discussed more and 3. advice to future organizers.   Other details: Workshop organizers should also include a plan for funding, including any proposed or committed sponsorships and planned usage of funds. Each workshop will receive a couple of free registrations for organizers to distribute.