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ICLR 2020 Workshops FAQ

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Sunday, April 26, 2020

1. Where are the accepted workshops listed?

2. I want to edit the organizers, abstract or schedule for my workshop. How do I do this?

  1. Under the Calls menu on, visit Workshop Application. (If you have multiple applications, you will need to select one of them.)
  2. You may change your application as often as needed during the meeting including changing or re-ordering the organizers and updating the abstract. These changes should automatically reflect in the online schedule, the Workshop PDF download, (and in the mobile application with some delay once it's released).  The 2020 website is static and will reflect your last updates as of April 14th. 
  3. On the first page of your workshop application where you set the Title, there is a button in the lower right that lets you edit the schedule of your workshop. Be sure to watch the Video tutorial for the schedule editorBecuase we are offering to let workshops start in a timezone other than the local meeting time, we will collect your schedule using a form that makes it easier to work in non-local timezones.  More information coming soon. 
  4. After you edit your workshop abstracts, organizers, or schedule, you may want to verify that it looks okay in the program (may take up to 30 seconds). The website is static again. There will be no Workshop program book.  

3. I'm putting out a call for papers for my workshop: any recommended deadlines?

Yes, by all means. Please aim to send accept/reject notifications 6 weeks before the conference begins. The reason for this many speakers and presenters will require a visa to attend, and people will also need to make travel arrangements in advance. ICLR will provide a full registration refund to workshop presenters who are denied a visa or who get no answer before the meeting starts according to our cancellation policy

We also ask you to please add your final list of workshop speakers in the workshop schedule by April 6 (one month before the meeting). Listing your speakers in the schedule using the schedule editor linked above will allow your speakers get a stronger invitation letter.


4. Complimentary Tickets

Each workshop is given 4 complimentary tickets.  Some points to consider when allocating complimentary passes:

  • Only the workshop's primary contact can allocate complimentary tickets.
  • You have until one week after the meeting to allocate complimentary tickets.
  • Complimentary tickets are not subject to a sell out, even if the venue runs out of space. 
  • If you give a complimentary ticket to someone that has already registered, they will receive a refund to their credit card for their existing registration fees.
  • A complimentary ticket covers the full conference.

The primary contact should visit the workshop application's first page to assign complimentary passes.  Workshop Applications.

5. Publicizing your workshop 

When publicizing your workshop or competition, you may mention the hashtag #ICLR2020


Gabriel Synnaeve & Asja Fischer
ICLR*2020 Workshop Co-Chairs

Technical issues with workshop submission go to