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ICLR2020 Frequently Asked Questions


These answers were last reviewed 3 April 2020.



Videos and Recordings

How can I keep to my time limit?

Create a script of exactly what you want to say, read it out aloud, and time it. This is a great way to be intentional about every word you use, and to consider your message so it has the best impact. When you are happy that the length is correct, record the video. And, relax. You can always re-record your talk.


Do you have any advice on creating a good video recording?

Here is a short guide from SlidesLive with advice on producing a good video.


I didn't receive an invitatioon link from SlidesLive?

We know that many people haven't received links. We are investigating and will be in touch again as soon as we can to make sure that everyone received their links to so they can make the 8 April deadline. Please get in touch if by Monday (6 April) you have still not received this - see last question in this FAQ.


What if I do not want to upload a recording/prefer not to have videos online?

  • If you do not want to record a video, but are still happy to have an audio-only version of the talk, then see the answer to the next question.

  • If you can’t record a video or audio for reasons of disability or other difficulty, please get in touch (see last questions) and we will do what we can to help support your needs. Other systems of having text-only scripts, text-to-speech-derived tracks, or other options are possible.

  • If you prefer not to have any video or voice recording for any other reason, all that is needed is for you to let us know for our planning by completing the exceptional circumstances form (see General section of this FAQ).


Can I record audio only and not have a video?

If you prefer to record audio only, you can do this in the SlidesLive Recorder by turning off “camera” in the slideslive recorder. See below.


Can I record my own video and upload it?

At this point we do not have the capacity to allow uploading videos that are not recorded using the SlidesLive Recorder. We are working on this and will update this FAQ in a few days. Please check again soon. 


Can I see any examples of videos?

You can find examples of what the processed videos look like by looking through the SlidesLive library; see examples for ICLR or NeurIPS.

Live Sessions

How do I sign my paper up for a live Q&A session.

You should sign-up for 2 poster sessions using this signup form. Please use your openreview forum ID instead of your name (where it asks). You can find by your forum ID by looking in the url of your paper on openreview, e.g., for '/forum?id=Syx4wnEtvH' use Syx4wnEtvH


I won’t be able to make any live Q&A sessions.

If you can’t make any live slots that we assign, this is fine. Please fill out the exceptional circumstances form (see General section of this FAQ). We will come back to you to let you know about what else might be possible.


What is the code of conduct for Q&A Sessions?

Just like any other component of ICLR, Q&A sessions are strictly under the ICLR code of conduct. It is available at


How do I report trolling/disrespectful communication?

  • There will be options to ‘Report’ comments in chat streams. 

  • Per the ICLR code of conduct, please also report any such incidents to ICLR Hotline (iclrhotline - at-


[For organisers] How can I discuss workshop plans with other workshop organisers?

There is a slack channel for all workshop organisers. Please make use of it. The link to the workspace was shared with you in the email on workshop guidance.


[For organisers]  I need to pay for a subscription for a tool we want to use for our virtual workshop.

Discuss this with the workshop chairs in case we have a licence or way of enabling you to use this already. If not, we will work with you to pay the costs of the tool. Coordinate this with the workshop chairs.


[For organisers] Where can I find instructions on how to use the pages/tools for the main conference for our workshop.

See the README in this githib repo. It is a work in probress, so keep checking for updates.


Registration and Attendance

Will I be refunded for the full registration I already paid?

Yes. Information will be sent to registrants.


How do I participate and access conference content and opportunties?

Please register for the conference on this website. You will later recieve and access code that will allow you to access all the materials. This code is non-transferable and all registrants are asked to comply with our code of conduct.

Privacy and Protection

Requesting removal of videos 

You can request a removal of your  videos at any point. The mechanism in place right now is for us to pass your request to the SlidesLive team. Please use the exceptional circumstances form (see general section of this FAQ) to request this. We will update this FAQ once a more streamlined approach is in place.


What is the licence under which my content is hosted?

Video and audio tracks, as well any slides, are hosted under a Creative Commons CC-BY-NC-ND licence. If you do not agree to recording your content under this licence, please complete the exceptional circumstances form  (see general section of this FAQ) to help us track these cases.


General data protection

Your content is hosted under applicable general data protection rules. SlidesLive videos are hosted in the United States, using Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure, and comply with the legal protections offered by the ​State of Delaware. The same rules apply to text of discussions. Content will be available indefinitely and not deleted, unless requests for removal are received. We will continue to update this section with further details on data protection as needed.


How can I volunteer to help?

We are in need of volunteers to help in getting the virtual conference ready. If you can spare some time, please sign up here, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


What experience do volunteers need?

There are different roles we will assign selected volunteers to considering their experience, so you don't need to worry about the level (or the lack) of your own experience. We encourage people from across teh world to apply since we need to cover as many timezones as possible.


I need to let you know about my exceptional requirements.

If you need to let us know that you are unable to record a video, unable to attend a live Q&A session, or have other exceptional circumstances, then please complete this form, so we can systematically track requests and needs and follow-up with you. Complete this form


My question is not answered here

Contact iclr2020-virtual -at-