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Presentations Guide

A quick reference on all presentation-related elements of ICLR2020. We will share an allocation schedule in February 2020.


All accepted papers are allocated a poster presentation. Make sure your poster can be contained within a size of 90cm x 122cm (width x height). ICLR does not provide any poster printing facilities, and presenters are responsible for printing their posters. Posters will be fixed to the poster boards using tape, which we will supply.

Note that a significant number of attendees are color-blind, so it is important to present colorblind friendly documents (papers/posters/slides). To this end, when illustrating a graph or picture, consider using patterns and textures (e.g. dotted lines, dashes, etc.) to show contrast and not rely only on colors in order to convey a message. Also, please avoid using color combinations known to be difficult for color-blind people. More information in this regard can be found at the links below: How to Design for Color Blindness, Three Tools to Help You Make Colorblind-Friendly Graphics

Spotlight Talks

ICLR2020 includes spotlight talks that are be 4mins long. To ensure that we have the smoothest handover, all spotlight presenters will be asked to share their slides with their session chair ahead of the conference using Google Slides. Session chairs will get in touch 2 weeks before the conference. We will update this page soon with tips on giving a good spotlight talk.

Selected Talks

There will be several longer talks that are 10mins long, with an additional 2 mins for questions. Slides for longer talks should also be shared with your session chair using Google slides two weeks before the conference. We will update the specific allocation of talks before.