ICLR 2020 Airport Shuttle


Hotel Shuttle Service

Most hotels provide shuttle service to and from the airport to your hotel.  You can confirm with your hotel. There are hotel kiosks at the airport where you can walk to with your luggage.  They will arrange for the hotel shuttle to pick you up and take you to your hotel.  They will also take you from your hotel to the airport.

Taxi services

Taxis are immediately available at Bole International Airport. They can also be found outside most hotels in Addis Ababa and at the country’s major centres. There are two types: privately owned blue-and-white vehicles or, in Addis Ababa, Mercedes Benz taxis operated by the National Tour Operation (NTO). The larger blue-and-white taxis have standard routes and pick up and let off passengers along these routes, operating like little buses. There are no meters; there are low standardized prices for the fixed routes, and all prices for special hire should be negotiated in advance to avoid later mis­understandings. NTO taxis can be booked at any of the major hotels. Trips are paid for in advance according to destination; again, the taxis are not metered. These taxis are about ten times more expensive, on average, than the little blue taxis hailed on the street.


Payment for taxi services will be in local cash (birr) only - NO credit card payment accepted.

Download this app for taxi services:  RIDE Passenger ET