ICLR 2020

Call for social events


Following the successful introduction of social events at NeurIPS, ICLR plans to include them as well as part of the conference this year. The goal of these events is to bring together a large number of participants to discuss the research and professional topics surrounding the conference in an informal and inclusive manner. Associating the events with the conference will support events with an wide-perspective that bring together the whole community. We ask for proposals from all attendees on any scientific or non-scientific topic that are deemed to enrich the community.


The proposers should submit a short paragraph on their social. Each proposal should be backed by at least two organizers (preferably working at different institutions) who will be responsible for local organization of the event, and at least 6 guests who plan to attend. Organizers and guests should be registered participants of ICLR. Local organization details will be facilitated by putting the organizers directly in touch with the venue’s staff. The following is a set of useful criteria (based on this years NeurIPS events):

  • Reasonably broad appeal:
    Each event should appeal to about 50-100 attendees (due to room capacity restrictions).

  • Focus on social aspects:
    Rather than providing a stage for regular research talks, events should attempt to create a less formal environment that encourages discussion between all attendees. Open debates, round-table discussions, hands-on tutorials, coaching sessions and other forms of academic speed dating are encouraged.

  • Get creative with the topics:
    There are numerous interests that connect us both within and beyond machine learning and AI, and we’d be thrilled to host social events organized around less technical topics.

  • Diversity and inclusion:
    We aim to host a diverse range of events that represent all parts of the ICLR community, and also to help visibility of unprivileged minorities. That said, all socials should be accessible for everyone that wishes to participate.

What we provide:

The selected social events will be hosted each evening at the conference venue right after the main program ends at 6:30 pm, as official part of ICLR 2020. ICLR does not provide any direct funding beyond providing the space, socials should find their own sources of funding if they require further services like catering or A/V equipment. Sponsors will be permitted to display their logos at the socials; however we sponsorship may not be the main orientation of the event. Local organizational details will be facilitated by putting the organizers directly in touch with the venue’s staff and catering.

Code of conduct: Being part of ICLR 2020, social events are subject to the general code of conduct of the meeting.

Important dates:

  • Deadline: March 20

  • Notification: March 27

How to apply:

To apply, please provide a 1-page pdf file including the names and institutions of the organizers and the guests, along with a short description of the activities planned at the proposed social event. Proposals will be evaluated by a small committee led by the social chairs. Applications should be sent to: