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Numek Printing



Nate Tsegaye:



Subject: ICLR 2020 Poster Printing


Numek Printing is prepared to print poster sizes: 91cm x 122 cm

They will deliver to the Millennium Hall at the poster session check-in desk


Note that a significant number of attendees are color-blind, so it is important to present colorblind friendly documents (papers/posters/slides). To this end, when illustrating a graph or picture, consider using patterns and textures (e.g. dotted lines, dashes, etc.) to show contrast and not rely only on colors in order to convey a message. Also, please avoid using color combinations known to be difficult for color-blind people. More information in this regard can be found at the links below: How to Design for Color Blindness, Three Tools to Help You Make Colorblind-Friendly Graphics